10 Good reasons to choose company Cralif, s. r. o.


We introduce to you a comparison of Street ZX Hoist technology with any on the globe





1. The unique hoist design with braked gearbox which provides significantly enhanced load security, reliability and maintainability compared to braked motor hoists.


  • When the operator applies the hoist brake it will hold the load even if the hoist motor is removed or if the hoist motor coupling, motor connection or motor shaft fail.
  • Lower operating temperature in the hoist motor because heat generated by the hoist brake does not soak into the host motor.
  • Greatly improved hoist brake accessibility.




2. No external hoist gears.


  • Automotive quality hoist gearbox containing hardened and precision ground helical gears all of which are submerged in oil.
  • Longer hoist gear life compared to hoists with external gears.
  • Significantly reduced risk of hoist gear lubrication failure.






3. No external trolley gears.


  • Direct drive hoist trolley (single and double girder) with hardened and precision ground helical gears all of which are submerged in oil.
  • Longer trolley gear life compared to those with external gears cut into the trolley wheel flange.
  • Significantly reduced risk of trolley gear lubrication failure.




4. Long life guide rollers on single beam trolley eliminate wheel flange wear.


  • Guide rollers remove the need for wheel flanges which are a big wear item on competitor hoists.
  • Crane beam flange wear is also eliminated.
  • The use of guide rollers and flangeless wheels also reduces rolling resistance and improves trolley control and stability.






5. Reaction roller eliminates the need for a hoist counterweight on single beam cranes.


  • Reduces hoist and crane weight.
  • Improves traction and control.




6. Choice of advanced control system.


  • Two speed motor drive with soft starting inertia flywheels plus auto-timer timer control through slow to fast which gives extremely fine control without the use of electronics.
  • SC Smartdrive sensorless current vector control system with LED status diagnostics, condition monitoring and removable memory board. Speeds, acceleration and deceleration are fully programmable.






7. Heavy duty double band rope guide provides improved reliability.


  • Inner band holds the rope tight to the drum to prevent rope back up and damage if the operator causes ‘slack rope.’
  • Outer band guides the rope perfectly into the drum scroll.




8. Patented safe load cut-out device prevents overloading.


  • The device is situated in the hoist gearbox torque arm and therefore measures all the load the hoist mechanism is transmitting (not just the load in one or two ropes).
  • Actuated directly by the load and does not rely on measuring electrical current.






9. Adjustable DC disc brakes on travel and traverse motions for controlled braking.


  • Full range torque adjustment allows stopping distances to be adjusted to suit the application.




10. Lifetime cost of ownership is the intelligent comparison and ZX technology is designed to give reduced service and maintenance costs. ZX open plan hoist design reduces the time and costs of maintenance and service tasks because they can be executed without dismantling the hoist:


  • External hoist brake, motor and gearbox for easy access.
  • Hoist gear inspection cover.
  • Motor coupling inspection facility.
  • Non-captive proprietary switchgear.
  • Overheating protection of the hoist motor.
  • Hours in service meter.
  • Protection against phase failure and incorrect phase sequencing.
  • Under voltage and over current protection.


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