Overhead Cranes
Large selection of highly safe, even non-standard designed cranes with unusual lifting equipment
Jib Cranes
Various crane designs and configurations - wall travelling, column mounted or pillar/wall mounted
Portal Cranes
Single-girder, double-girder, without overlap, with overlap or with preparation for handling containers and trailers
Monorail Cranes
Wide range of hoists for easier operation, process hoists for heavy, continuous operation

Cralif - cranes


Equipment that we produce and also service



We manufacture cranes and hoists, we care for their maintenance and reconstruction. We offer non-standard overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, mobile hoists and a light crane system. We can also produce crane tracks for you. We provide the necessary accessories for lifting equipment and cranes.




Cranes and Hoists Offer












Cralif offers crane consultancy, crane service, crane refurbishment, and support for designers in crane manufacturing and maintenance.











About us


The Cralif, s.r.o. company was founded in 1998 as a successor organisation of company maintenance of lifting devices in MATADOR, a.s. company, Púchov. Since its founding it was focused mainly on services, reparations and maintenance of lifting dedicated technical devices. Gradually, it started to extend its business to reparation and manufacture of lifting devices. Nowadays, the company provides services from two operations.



In Dubnica nad Váhom, the manufacturing centre of industrial crane machinery is situated. The machinery is focused on:


  • overhead industrial cranes,
  • portal (gantry) and semi-portal cranes,
  • jib cranes: slewing jib pillar cranes, wall slewing cranes and wall-travelling jib cranes,
  • monorail cranes in various designs.



The service centre is situated in Púchov, from where we mainly provide by trained workers:


  • non-stop service of dedicated technical devices for contracting and non-contracting trading partners
  • reparations of fright elevators and passenger elevators
  • assembling and reparations of industrial gates and levelling bridges
  • education of attendants of lifting devices
  • technical inspections and professional checking of lifting devices
  • a distribution of lifting equipment, attachment equipment and webbing slings
  • manufacturing and distribution of suspension slings (traverses...)









Our references



We have already made dozens of cranes and lifting equipment. Look where you can find our products.











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