Overhead Cranes


The Cralif Company provides standard single-girder bridge cranes up to 25 000 kg and standard double-girder bridge cranes up to 80 000 kg (a hoist with an open winch is without lifting capacity limitation), but also underslung bridge cranes up to 25 000 kg and special overhead cranes according to customer´s requirements and needs with unlimited lifting capacity as well. Due to their lifting capacity the overhead cranes become an ideal solution for heavier operations.



End carriages on both sides of a crane guarantee safe and reliable load handling because they lay out a weight of the crane evenly. Cranes situated above heads are also spatial advantageous solution at sheds and storehouses. Crane trolley drive and hoist trolley drive are equipped with smooth moving using frequency inverters. Overhead cranes made by Cralif are suitable even for uncovered working places outside.



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