Single-Girder cranes are lighter than double-girders. This kind of cranes is suitable for light operations, middle-heavy operations, but also for heavy operations. We manufacture standard single-girder cranes up to 25 000 kg with variable span up to sizes given by transporting capabilities of driveways to the place of installation. Girders can be made of box constructions or standard tube-shaped profiles.



Single-girder bridge cranes are designed to create equilibrium between the price and performance. Easy handling and safety at work are our priorities, so if you are looking for the highest level of reliability and performance and the lowest costs for maintenance you are at the right place.




 Technical information

Maximum load bearing capacity up to 25 000 kg
Colour of a steel construction is RAL 1007, components in the original colour
Span limited by transporting capabilities
Hight of lift up to 15 m
Speed of crane trolley drive normally up to 40 m/min, smooth moving
Speed of hoist trolley drive normally up to 20 m/min, smooth moving
Speed of lift up to 19,2 m/min
Lift of hooks two-speed (the main lift and micro lift)
Girders are made of box welded construction or tube-shaped profiles with “I” cross section
We supply standard chain hoists LIFTKET or rope hoists STREET
Controlling via hanging button-controllers or via radio remote controllers
Power supply of crane via cable trolleys, via closed trolleys covered by plastic or via energy chains
Crane setting outside and inside





Official test of single-girder bridge crane with load capacity 1 000 kg and hoist street








  • Each crane is projected to measure according to customer´s requirements to be adapted to a place and shed´s conditions (or to open space) and still work effectively
  • Lay out of crane weight into two end carriages guarantees safe handling with the load
  • Long-term operation without any incidents and with minimal costs for maintenance
  • Remote control
  • The possibility to place the crane both inside and outside
  • In contrast to double-girder cranes, single-girder cranes are cheaper







 Accessories and Options

  • In case of remote control, the crane could be equipped with emergency control via the hanging button-controller which could move along the whole crane independently of crab trolley drive or it could be connected to the main switchboard of the crane via connector
  • Crane is equipped with two hoists working either independently or in tandem (at the same time) using just one controller
  • Weighing of transported load with an output to a crane display, to a controller display or to PC
  • Anti-collisional systems in case of several cranes being on one railway
  • Version with a slewing beam, with a grab or with a magnet
  • Modification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres





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