Light Crane Systems


Light crane system is the best solution for the fast and safe transport of light goods. Thanks to its flexible and modular design the light crane system could be adapted to the needs of your workplace. Material saved during light crane system manufacturing results in lower prices of special technical lifting devices what is another advantage of this system.



Light crane systems are suitable for usage at various working places and operations, from car repair shops, paint shops, store houses to machine manufacture. The maximum load bearing capacity is up to 2 000 kg.





  • Flexibility and light system design provide as much workplace coverage by lifting devices as possible
  • Light cranes are designed for simple and fast assembling what is instrumental in simple maintenance and in spare parts exchanges as well
  • Light cranes are possible to install to an already existing steel construction and to a ceiling of workplace as well
  • Light crane systems are made of hollow, formed steel profiles what makes them lighter in comparison with common profiles thus, they do not load down the ceiling, the supporting construction or the ground so much
  • There is a possibility to lead electric power through the hollow profile of a light crane system beam


  • They have a wide range of usage- from simple underslung railways for manual or electric hoists, over single-girder and double-girder underslung cranes with crane railway, to wall slewing cranes or wall-travelling jib cranes
  • Railways of lifting devices could be formed and shaped according to ground plan of workplace
  • Usage of plastic trolley drive wheels guarantees silent working of the lifting device
  • Due to ingenious transition systems of simple underslung railways one hoist can switch between more railways and thus in case of occasional usage of a lifting device, the hoist could be used by various workplaces



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