We provide education and training (basic and recurrent) for operators of lifting devices and material handlers pursuant to the Act No 124/2006 Coll., Articles 7 and Article 16, par. (1), (4) and the Decree of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic No 508/2009 Coll., Articles 15 and 17.


Crane operators

- cranes and hoists controlled from the ground with a load capacity of more than 5 tons (A1)
- cranes and hoists controlled from a basket or a cabin (A2)


Operators of lifting devices

- cranes and hoists controlled from the ground with a load capacity up to 5 tons
- man-powered cranes and hoists
- lifting mechanisms of motorised trolleys and loaders designed for lifting and transport of loads by means of binding, suspension or gripping devices
- lifting ramps, lifting work platforms, devices designed for lifting of vehicles, vehicle loading ramps
- motorised vertical sliding gates with a lifting height of more than 2.7 m

- vacuum manipulators

 Drivers of storage and retrieval trucks

- storage and retrieval systems with an operator’s stand and its travelling mechanism or the systems without an operator’s stand

 Material handlers

- persons responsible for the safety of work in connection with the bonding and transport of loads,

- attachment of the OOPP binder,

- technical design, methods of labeling, principles and criteria for the control and disposal of damaged binding devices,

- textile ropes, steel ropes, binding chains,

- load-lifting and grabbing devices - traverses, magnets, dredges, drains.

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