Expert inspections


We carry our expert inspections (EI) and expert tests (ET) of lifting devices in accordance with the Act No 124/2006 Coll., Article 9, par. 1, letter a) and the Decree of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic No 508/2009 Coll., Articles 9 and 13, as well as interim technical inspections pursuant to the standard STN 27 0142. These inspections and tests relate to:

Aa) cranes and hoists with hydraulic or electric drive and load capacity of more than 1,000kg and man-powered cranes and hoists with load capacity of more than 5,000kg, including  permanent crane rails and temporary rails of bracket jib cranes,
Ab) motorised work platforms with a lifting capacity of more than 1.5 m,
Ae) storage and retrieval systems with an operator’s stand and their travelling platform,
Ba) motorised cranes and hoists with a load capacity up to 1,000 kg and man-powered cranes and hoists with a load capacity from 1,000kg to 5,000 kg,
Bb) lifting mechanisms of motorised trolleys and loaders designed for  lifting and transport of loads by means of binding, suspension or gripping devices,
Bc2) supplementary lifting aids used for suspension or gripping of loads that are not permanent parts of lifting  devices belonging to A or B categories, such as magnets, traverse beams, suction equipment, pincers and grab buckets with the exception of the equipment listed in category C, letter a),

Bd) special motorised lifting equipment intended to lift loads, including:

1. lifting ramps,

2. lifting platforms,

3. stationary, mobile and portable service lifting equipment designed only to lift vehicles,
Bf) motorised vertical sliding gates with a lifting height of more than 2.7 m,

Bg) storage and retrieval systems without an operator’s stand.



Safety of designated lifting devices is assessed by means of official tests pursuant to Article 9, par. 1, letter a) and Article 13, par. 3 of the Act No 124/2006 Coll., as subsequently amended, the Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic No 392/2006 Coll. and Articles 9 and 12 of the Decree No 508/2009 Coll.

Official tests are divided into:
a) official tests that are carried out after production, assembly or reconstruction of a designated lifting device belonging to A category prior to its commissioning. The aim of the test is to verify and assess whether the device corresponds with the certified construction documentation and whether it is suitable for safe and reliable operation,
b) recurrent official tests that are carried out in specified intervals during operation of a designated lifting device belonging to A category in order to verify whether this device meets criteria of safe and reliable operation.




Delivery of crane rails includes their geodetic measurements that we carry out in accordance with standards in force. These measurements assess deviation on individual rails as well as gauge, straightness and difference of elevation between individual rails. Geodetic measurements are performed by means of the line of sight method or the polar method. Measured data are assessed by means of patented analytical and visualisation software and possible corrective actions are recommended based on this assessment.  Geodetic measurements of crane rails need to be carried out every five years.

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