Repairs and maintenance of lifting devices

We carry out repairs and maintenance of cranes and chain hoists produced by STREET, STAHL, LIFTKET, DEMAG, VIHORLAT, BALKANCAR PODEM, SLOVÁCKE STROJÍRNY, including especially:

1. common repairs and preventive maintenance of hoists and bridge, gantry, rotary, column jib and bracket cranes,

2. overhauls and reconstructions or reducing and increasing load capacity of lifting devices,

3. reconstructions and replacement of lifting mechanisms,

4. reconstructions of electrical installations and main switchboards - Schneider Electric components,

5. reconstructions of traversing gears - Nord gearboxes,

6. reconstructions and replacement of control devices -  HBC Radiomatic remote control systems, TER and Telemechanique touch control panels.


Repairs and maintenance of electric lifts - Transporta, Tranza ...:

1. common repairs and preventive maintenance of passenger and freight lifts,

2. overhauls and reconstructions of lift machines, cabins and control devices,

3. replacement of worn components, ropes, drive wheels, guide rails, 

4. preparation of lifts for official (commissioning) tests.


Repairs and maintenance of sliding gates produced by Elba, Toors...

1. common repairs and preventive maintenance of section, rolling and high-speed sliding gates,

2. reconstructions and replacement of gate’s body, electronic and drive elements,

3. reconstructions of gate’s control system.

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