Lift safely and reliably...
Lift safely and reliably...
Lift safely and reliably...
Lift safely and reliably...


Our company CRALIF Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a successor to the maintenance centre for lifting devices of the company Matador, Inc. Púchov. Since then we have specialised mainly in repairs and maintenance of designated lifting devices. We have also managed to widen our activities to include reconstructions, production and assembly of lifting devices. Nowadays we provide services to our customers in two premises.


Our plant in Dubnica nad Váhom produces mainly:

- bridge cranes,

- gantry and semi-gantry cranes, 

- jib cranes: rotating column jib cranes, rotating wall bracket jib cranes and mobile cantilever cranes,

- different kinds of travelling pulley hoists …..


Our qualified and trained personnel at the service centre in Púchov provide especially:

- continuous repairs and maintenance of designated lifting devices for both contractual and non-contractual partners,

- repairs and reconstructions of cranes, lifts, hoists, industrial gates, leveller bridges, storage and retrieval units,

- training for lifting equipment operators,

- inspections and testing of lifting devices, interim inspections of lifting devices,

- sale of lifting and handling equipment,

- production and sale of suspension devices and transverse beams.








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