Round slings

Technical standard for  manufacturing and testing is EN 1492-2. Safety factor is 7:1 and means which multiple of its own weight the sling is able to bear to fulfill  standards. Standard lifting capacity is 1 000 kgs - 30 000 kgs, especially up to 100 000 kgs and  standard  effective lengths are L= 1 m up to 20 m




Colour of the slings and the number of black stripes shows the lifting capacity WLL. Material is technical polyester 100 % with high-strength qualities. The main load bearing elements are continually laid high quality polyester fibres. Surface protection coat  is  impregnated by polyurethane  resin.



The unique manufacturing data,  WLL and the ways of binding  are displayed on the load tag. In the interest of better protection against abrasions or cuts there  is suitable to use protective covers.







By using of protective cover of the same colour there  is possible to create a sling with  loops. These are utilizable mainly by manipulations when there is not necessary using  the whole circle of the sling or when you need direct binding of the load.



Following table shows colour and working load limits of webbing slings by different ways of using.

table of round slings



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