Ratchet lashing systems

Manufactured in compliance with technical standard EN 12195-2. The basic construction is assembled by tensioning element, textile strap and end fittings. The textile strap  is made of polyester 100 %, maximum stretching of webbing is 4 %. Standard lengths of lashing systems are L =  6,8,9 and 10 m, others on request. 






They can be delivered as one-part or two-part lashing systems with various endings.


Ratchet is the tensioning element, which causes and keeps the tensioning power inside lashing system. Ratchets are characterized by two parametres of fastening power for friction binding: STF (standard tension force)  residual power after  releasing of lever of ratchet and SHF (standard hand force) standard manual power for controlling of lever - 500N (50 kgs), these are also mentioned on a load tag. It is possible to supply the ratchets with longer lever and higher STF, which comply with the standards VDI2700.



Endings of  two-part system are  possible through a variety of hooks.

Variety of hooks




Cam buckles are made of single layer textile PES belts of width 25 and 35 mm. They are ending by spring clips, a mechanism that  mechanically secures movement of  strap and load.




The table  displays different widths  and tensioning powers

TABle of widths and tensioning power


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