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Chain slings  are made and tested in terms of Europian standards EN 818-. There is possible to make chains by combination with maraging steel components in various  versions and for various usage. Important data about lifting capacity, ways of binding and unique manufacturing data are found  on a load tag, which is a part of every product. The chains are easily reparaible by replacement of damaged parts or components thanks to modular system. Chain slings are able to safe operation and reach the set parameters in the workplace with the temperature from – 40°C to + 200 °C.  Chains reach the decreased lifting capacity to 90 % of original lifting capacity at temperature 200 to 300°C of workplace and to 75 % of original lifting capacity at temperature  of workplace in the ixtent of 300 to 400°C. Chain slings are supplied in grades 8,10 and 12.


Following table  express working load limits by chain slings of grade 8.

Table of chain slings


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