Anticut protections

Protective covers are intended to protect slings on sharp edges, against abrasion or ultraviolet radiation.  They can prolong the lifetime of webbing slings and keep strength qualities of the webbing.




The protective cover PVC is manufactured from PES tube, which surface is covered by layer of synthetic rubber. It is designed prefferably for flat textile slings  of  width 30 up to 300 mm and also for  round  slings






The protective cover ABRASIVE GUARD is manufactured from PES tube. It is suitable for protection of flat textile slings of width 30 up to 90 mm against abrasions.





The protective cover KEVLAR is made of PES tube with steel wires inside webbing structure. They are intended for flat textile webbing slings of width 30 up to 90 mm. This kind of cover enables protection also  against cutting.






Protective cover SACUTEX is a polyurethane PU tube, which is firm and strenght enough to protect slings against cutting.  It is intended prefferably for flat webbing slings of width 30 up to 300 mm. 




Edge protection, because of wide interfere area they enable  distribution and layout of binding power on the surface of burden. It could decrease the danger of damage and deformations of surface.  



Edge protection item 740: intended for straps of width 25 up to 75mm.  


Edge protection item 741: strengthened construction, intended for straps of width 50 up to 75 mm.




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