Cralif, s.r.o. manufactures and supplies steel constructions of monorail cranes according to customer´s requirements. Cranes are equipped with special hoists intended for heavy duty. Naturally all specially engineered hoists are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern purpose built plant using advanced production methods.



Cranes could be equipped with remote control systems, automatic stopping at the workplaces and many others monitoring systems.




 Technical information

Maximum load bearing capacity up to 25 000 kg
The colour: RAL 5017
Profiles could be shaped of 30° and 45°, or even 90°
Possibility of usage of electric or manual hoist
Possibility of one gear electric trolley drive If necessary, there is a possibility of electric trolley drive hoist with smooth moving controlled by frequency inverters
A limit switch of lift and in case of electric trolley there is a limit switch of trolley drive as well
Possibility of hoist remote control

The adjustable height of railway hanging

hanging according to customer´s requirements






  • By the combination of formed profiles and transfer systems, one hoist can operate different workplaces from different railways
  • Electric trolley drive of hoist controlled by frequency inverter reduces the extent of putting the load in motion when the hoist is moving
  • For enhancing the flexibility of operating, the lifting device could be operated by a remote control
  • Easy handling
  • In contrast to monorail cranes with standard hoists, duty heavy monorail cranes have increased load capacity








 Accessories and Options

  • Large selection of various kinds of slings made by our company available from
  • Modification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Colour of cranes according to customer´s requirements
  • Galvanization of profiles
  • Power supply via closed plastic trolleys
  • The hanging button-controller freely moves along to railway
  • Manual or electric slewing systems for perpendicular railways
  • Manual or electric transition systems between railways 
  • Hoists: dual hoists, multi directional hoists, rotating hoists, extra-large lifting heights, multi-point lifting, ultra-low headroom hoists, special high temperature applications, hoists integrated with grabs or lifting beams, special high speed/heavy duty combinations
  • Gripping equipment, special control equipment








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