LIFTKET STAR hoists are electric chain hoists with German tradition. We have included them in our offer because of the 20 years of positive experience that we have with these hoists.

We offer single-phase operation hoists with load capacity from 125 kg to 2000 kg and three-phase operation chain hoists with load capacity from 125 kg to 6300 kg. It is possible to be supplied either in the basic version with or without an electric trolley or in version with push trolley. All load capacities are manufactured in models with single-speed or two-speed hoist motor (microlift).  


Hoists are highly resistant in any climate zone. In tropical conditions it can be equipped with an engine cooler that does not disrupt the design. The lifetime of the parts exceeds all FEM requirements. The design makes the hoist quite easy to maintain. Spare parts are constantly available and can be sent to each continent within a few days of the request.

Every hoist undergoes 100% output load test before leaving the production line. The unique ID number of hoists enables traceability of all information (the producer, the place of production, the date of production) even 10 years after being produced.


Basic Version Without an Electric Trolley



Version With an Electric Trolley



Technical Information

Maximum  Capacity up to 6300 kg
Height of Lift up to 25m, possibly higher
Length of Control Cable usually 1-1,5m shorter than height of lift
  • single-speed: 16m/min or 25m/min
  • two-speed: usually 5/20m/min
Type of Controlling electric
Number of Switching up to 360/h
Temperature commonly from -20°C to  +40°C, then an adjustment needed



  • Low weight, simple operating, maintenance-free design - no need to adjust anything, just to lubricate the chain regularly
  • Patented state-of-the-art construction and design that makes it easy to replace components
  • Use of certified materials and components
  • The slipping clutch prevents the load from slipping
  • Patented system of overloading
  • Really smooth movement and vertical lift
  • GS mark - TÜV Safety Certification (SK); CE mark - European Union Certification (EU)
  • Lift limit switches, air cooled stroke motor
  • Electric trolley drive with remote controller
  • Delivery time is usually 6-8 weeks, exceptionally up to 1-2 weeks
  • It is produced in many load-bearing versions from 125 kg to 25000 kg. Our goal is to choose and supply high quality hoist according to your special requirements.




Accessories and Options

  • It is possible to order other voltages and frequences than standard
  • Hanging button-controllers or radio remote controllers
  • Lift limit switch
  • Cross travel limit switch
  • Lift and travel motor temperature sensor
  • Built-in cam travel limit switch

  • Tensiometer-preventing overloading

  • Two brake strokes

  • Frequency conventer

  • Incremental sensor for sensing hook and hoist position

  • Type of hoist suspension:


Base Mounted




Push Trolley


Electric Trolley



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